Connecting with the Kids

Connecting with orphans is difficult. Many of them have been abused, neglected, left on a doorstep. Allies volunteers have an incredible task and journey ahead of them – to gain the trust of the orphans, and then keep it. Children are very perceptive and quick to remember, hard to forget, so gaining that trust is challenging. Maybe that’s why God gave us the gift of play.  

Playing is commonly listed as one of the top ways to connect to a child. It’s also one of the best ways we’ve found to break the ice and start new friendships. Playing games and sports is especially a great way to connect with new or shy children who might not necessarily be ready to talk to volunteers or to participate in lessons.

Sports are also a great way to teach the children about teamwork, a necessary skill they will need as they grow older. These skills that are natural in many children might not necessarily come to these kids easily. At a recent visit, Allies volunteers got the children off their chairs and couches and got them engaged in some exciting games. Throughout the day, we were able to teach them how to work as a team, as well as how to pay attention to instructions and rules, and to concentrate.

Afterward, we gave the children gifts and took time to chat with them over some snacks. One of our volunteers, Alexandra, visited and helped out for the first time. “I liked to be there. There are so many cheerful children. I can tell a lot of time has been spent and invested with these children. I will keep on helping with much pleasure.”