Never Too Early to Teach Life Skills

Are there realities of life that might be too advanced for kids at an orphanage? We at Allies believe that the gradual implementation of practical knowledge and life skills is important, even at a young age. And even discussing topics that might seem to hard for young minds is crucial to challenge and equip them for a brighter future. 

A visit to the orphanage in Dnepr city allowed our team to teach the kids how to be independent and do things for themselvesThey taught the kids how to take care of their bodies by eating healthy, as well as every day tasks many sheltered children learn much too late in life such as how to buy groceries.

They distinguished what is considered good and healthy food and what is unhealthy, and what this does to our bodies. Many children learned for the first time that developing a healthy diet at a young age will not only allow them to grow and develop well, but also set the course for a healthy and productive adult life.

Another topic discussed at this visit was the reality of humman trafficking. Children at the orphanage are targets for traffickers because once the children age of the orphage at age 16, many have no family, friends or property professional training to fall back on. Allies focuses on providing these chilren with the proper knowledge, educational opportunities, and career networking to avoid becoming victims.

The orphan’s biggest challenge is their past. Many have a difficult time trusting others because they have been neglected and forgotten. They tend to be quite and withdrawen when our volunteers first meet them, so our goal is to create an environment of trust and caring. A volunteer during this visit shared that two new brothers we very shy and uncomfortable. “But Maxim from our team found a way to help them. He helped them to go through the activities and tests we had for the children, and after the lessons Maxim spent lots of time with them. They exchanged phone numbers and the brothers told him that they would call and ask him for advice.”

It may sound a surprising at first when one learns these are the topics and realities we tackle at orphanages, but just as these two brothers have shown, a caring friend and mentor can change the course of a child’s life, often saving them from a path of victimization in the trafficking world.

Thank you for helping us change the lives of these young people.