Adulting Classes: Teaching Orphans Essential Life Skills

Many have talked about the challenges and shortcomings of the “millennial” generation due to the lack of education involving practical life skills. Technology and the current environment surrounding today’s generation of children have created even more intimidating challenges. Children in orphanages especially have a disadvantage in learning practical life skills. While they often mature sooner than most children due to their unique experiences at a very young age, their knowledge of life as an adult is often minuscule.

It didn’t hurt to prepare the older kids of the Shovgen Boarding School for what adult life has in store for them. We gave the 12 to 17 year old children the “Adult Life” Program, which taught them four essential life skills and knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

The first stage of the Adult Life program involved employment, where we discussed the importance of having a job and we talked about the various jobs and positions out there. The second part involved banking and filling out forms that are essential for paying utility bills or using other banking services.

The third stage involved cooking and other essential knowledge they need to be adept in the kitchen. The fourth stage, which was a hit with the kids, was the store, in which we simulated a store where they learn to prioritize the items they want to buy based on their limited resources.

One of the kids in the boarding school, 12-year-old Ilyusha, whose parents are both in prison due to substance-related charges, is grateful for the support from Allies. This program can help him be more responsible and useful once he is reunited with his parents, the day that he has been long waiting for.

In addition, some volunteer animators from the “wonderland” organization also prepared some fun activities for the younger kids, including soap shows and interesting games in which the kids enthusiastically participated. Our volunteer hair stylist helped the kids find a new do.

A new volunteer, 19-year-old Abdula, got along with the children well due to his sunny disposition. The kids liked him and he was a good leader all through out the program. He liked the experience so much, he mentioned that he will definitely volunteer for the children again. If you would also like to volunteer and make a difference in the orphans’ lives, here are different ways you can help.