Everyone Supercharged at Omsk Visit

All children thrive and grow in a secure home, where they are loved and showered with genuine affection and attention. But in many of the orphanages we visit, children can’t help but feel deprived of all these.
We took advantage of our recent trip to two orphanages in Omsk, and gave our undivided attention and appreciation to the children in order to restore the children’s confidence and hope for a secure and loving environment.

In both our visits, we taught them the basics of socialization and communication.

We started by having a deep conversation with the children that would empower them to open up and feel connected. This activity was also aimed at developing their communication skills. We were amazed at how the children responded! More importantly at how our new volunteers felt “transformed” by the experience.

These touching, bonding moments were followed by fun and dynamic group activities. We played board games with the younger kids, while testing the teenagers’ soccer skills in a friendly match.

Through these simple games and exercises, we created an atmosphere of fun, friendship and love.

Of course, while children all have their stories, we can never forget Nastya, a smart and social girl who never knew her father. Her mother lost custody of her due to a drinking problem. Ever since she transferred into the orphanage, she felt “imprisoned”. Ilya also carries a heavy burden. He came to the orphanage because his aunt gave up on him saying, “I can’t handle him anymore”.
How heartbreaking to feel rejected by your own family!

But after bonding with them, and watching them participate and enjoy the day’s activities, we noticed them become supercharged. They were also excited about joining our English classes and tutoring program.

At the end of the day, we ALL received a huge charge of positive emotions, and the children asked us such a heart-felt question: When will we come again?

We will be back, for sure.

But after those two productive visits, we felt our mission fulfilled.

We have given these children what they most need at that time: love and hope.
Indeed, there is hope for the future for these blessed children.