Traveling the World: Kids Learn About Expanding Their Horizons

While staring at the world Atlas, Masha, a little girl in Ochag shelter, exclaimed she couldn’t wait to grow up so she can start traveling. Her brother Dima, said she does not have to wait to be an adult to travel. Simply going to a neighboring city is already a good start, he added. This innocent conversation inspired us to conduct a travel themed program for the children.

As part of our program, we took the kids around the city to various events and activities, including a local festival. The kids really enjoyed the day - as now rather than just hearing about stories of travel and adventure from our mentors, they were the ones on the adventure!

Upon our return, laughter and happiness enveloped the orphanage as the kids played an informative game involving the countries of the world. They also learned about what kind of travelers they want to be through a fun little game that tests their travel skills. Afterward the kids enjoyed delicious treats of chocolates and juices to end the fun-filled day.

Nastya, a 29-year-old single mom working in the beauty industry, learned about Allies’ trips to orphanages and decided to volunteer. Motivated by her past experiences as a child, being left by her father and neglected by her mother, Nastya understands what the kids are going through, thus she has genuine compassion towards them. She, along with our other volunteers from America, enjoyed the program so much and took pleasure in bringing joy and knowledge to the kids in the shelter.

Nastya expressed her desire to continue participating in such activities that bring warmth and care to the kids in the future. If you are like her and you want to experience the joy of teaching children and spreading the love to kids who need it most, become an Allies volunteer now and change the lives of these children forever.