Meet Artiom: Father, Marketing Professional, Volunteer

We were recently blessed to get an opportunity to visit an Orphanage in Omsk, one of the largest cities in Russia. As first-time volunteers, we were very enthusiastic about it even though we hadn’t considered the full impact and didn’t know what visiting an orphanage would be like.

The moment you enter the orphanage, you tend to feel both happy and sad at the same time when you see children playing, fighting with each other, crying, laughing, squabbling about certain things (like who’s better: guys or girls?), dancing, and so on.

Upon entering the orphanage grounds, a crowd of smiling children came rushing out to meet us. The kids appeared to be real friends with each other as well as have a healthy, affectionate respect for adults who cared for them.

The next thing we knew we were having conversations, playing games, singing, dancing and holding educational activities with them. Simply observing their talent makes you feel happy, and you wish you could spend as much time with them as possible.

One of our fellow volunteers, Artiom, a father of two and digital marketing professional in his early 50’s did a great job organizing a personality quiz for the children. He managed to help the children discover their personality types from fun, adventurous, energetic and spontaneous to intensely private, creative and idea oriented. He knows how they prefer to communicate, get energized, and which life situations they may struggle with or thrive in.

Sasha, a bright girl in 7th grade caught our attention. She has no siblings and her mom's custody was taken away due to her inability to take care of her. She has been in the orphanage for a few years and she’s very keen on taking English classes in our online program. She has a tremendous drive and motivation for life success and self -improvement. She is bold and looks ready to deal with difficulties in life.

Sasha sees her future in Germany or the USA as a successful career woman. She will be entitled in our educational programs to help her shape and achieve the bright future she deserves.

Our experience in the orphanage made us appreciate the love and support we get from our families and how lucky we were to have them. It also showed us the level of friendship these kids desire and need from those willing to step out in love.