COVID-19: Opportunity to Help Orphans Through Spring Cleaning

Would you like to do some good for orphans while we all hunker down at home? Right now is a great opportunity to clean out those closets and donate any unneeded items to Allies to ship over to the children in the orphanages!

Allies is continuing to send boxes of supplies and goodies to the orphanages because the authorities are allowing the some receipt of some cargo shipments in various countries.

Spend an afternoon this week boxing up some things you don’t need that could help an orphan in need! We are placing all received items in quarantine for a short period, but as an additional precaution, please wash clothes and spray down any toys with lysol or other disinfectant before bringing them to us. Allies is currently open 9 am - 1 pm Monday through Thursday, or you can arrange for us to pick up your items.