New Year and New Birth in Tanzania

The water's still warm in Tanzania, even on New Year's Day, and it's also a hotspot for the Spirit working. Pastor Jeremiah and his church had a wonderful New Year's celebration, bringing 15 new souls into the church through baptism.

"Yesterday on New Year's Day we had a good time – we Baptized 15 new believers. We thank God for this great work," Pastor Jeremiah wrote. Thank you for your support which makes new life possible!

Pastor Jeremiah’s church continues to develop outreach programs to the needy, including orphans, street children, and widows. Allies has been able to give hope to the orphans there, most recently by providing them with a Christmas celebration and school supplies. Without your help, some of those orphans would have missed classes without the proper materials.

“My friends, I know my words are not enough to express how your support is very strong to us!” Pastor Jeremiah said.