Christmas in Peru?

For most of us, Christmas day is often surrounded by family, presents everywhere, and perhaps the warm smell of hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. Sadly, this is often not the reality for the children at the orphanage. Especially for those in Peru.  

For them, Christmas can easily be another reminder that their lives are vastly different from other children's and how the world is not always as happy and merry as portrayed in most Christmas movies.  

Peru is one of Allies’ more recent countries to adopt. As mentors in Peru, we try our best to make the best of it for them, making sure they all receive presents and a reminder that they're loved and cared for.  

This holiday we made the decision to visit the children on Christmas, not the day before or after. We wanted to make sure the kids had something fun and merry to wake up to and some presents to unwrap.  

Sadly, most of the tutors go home to their families during Christmas break, so it was crucial we were able to make it on Christmas Day and hopefully make it a memorable day for them.We’re very aware this is a day they need us more than any other.   

After greeting and hanging out with the children for a while, we enjoyed snacks and games, which got them all very excited and sharing stories. We then gave them each a small Christmas lantern to put on the Christmas tree and make a prayer or wish. It was a very emotional moment.  

We even got to witness the girls sing some Christmas carols for us as a way to say thank you for the gifts. It was all very wonderful. 

To finish the day, they each opened some presents from the Allies team. The children lit up with excitement to receive not only the Christmas presents, but also the physical presence of our team. We closed with a prayer.  

We’re already looking forward to the next Christmas and the precious memories we’ll get to make once again. We surely love these children and try our absolute best to not only make their holiday bright, but their future also.