Allies Q4 News

Your Impact Reaches More Orphans in New Countries

Heather Heather Dunnaville | Staff Writer

It’s official! You can add Armenia to the list of countries where you’re changing the lives of orphans! A team of volunteers recently made its first Allies Mentoring Program visit in Armenia. Located east of Turkey, Armenia makes the number of countries you’re impacting a total of 22...and counting!

Because of the success of our programs in Peru since the mentoring program began there in the spring, doors are also opening for Allies to serve orphans in other Latin American countries like Brazil. Allies Director of International Operations Dr. Tatiana Baeva traveled to Peru with a team in October and saw firsthand the compassionate hearts of the leaders and volunteers there, and their close connections with the orphans. “I was very proud of what they’re achieving,” she said. “They are doing excellent work.”

You have a hand in every aspect of this success and growth around the world. When you hear of another country or area where there are orphans in need, you are ready and willing to help. Thank you for your compassionate heart that provides a way for orphans to know they are loved.

The mentoring program in Peru is making a difference for orphans like these two little girls. Allies area leader Lizbeth Quispe (right) organizes volunteer groups that visit three orphanages, and the success in Peru is paving the way for Allies programs to expand into Brazil.

An Allies volunteer sits with girls at an orphanage during the first Allies Mentoring Program visit in Armenia.

To hear more about your impact in Latin America, watch a short video featuring recent footage from Peru orphanages and Dr. Tatiana Baeva, Allies co-founder and director of international operations, at the Allies in Yo

You Make Growth Possible Even in Hard Times

tatiana Dr.Tatiana Baeva | Director of International Operations

Against all evil, Allies is blooming and that’s because of you. Even with a pandemic, war, and inflation, Allies has record numbers in the number of orphans being served and the number of boxes shipped overseas. Orphan visits are back up and programs are expanding into new areas and new countries. It’s amazing. YOU are amazing.

You sent Allies volunteers to visit Christina in a Russian orphanage. Christina, 14, cried a lot when we met her. She was put in the orphanage after her mother struggled with alcohol abuse and her stepfather beat her. She told an Allies mentor, Sasha, that she has no friends. Sasha told Christina about God, that He is there for her and will listen to her. Christina asked for a Bible then hugged Sasha and thanked her for coming. “That’s why we come,” Sasha said. “To be a friend and give hope in Christ.”

Then there is your tremendous impact in Ukraine. To date, you have helped more than 120,000 Ukrainians since the war began in February. You evacuated one of our Ukrainian area leaders, Valentina, and her family with seven adopted children. They are currently living in Vancouver, Washington. Valentina wanted to help her country, so she found some warehouse space in nearby Portland, collected in-kind donations, and packed boxes. She recently shipped 10 boxes to Ukraine, which your support makes possible.

Sadly, the war is not over and winter is coming. We are receiving requests from Ukraine to purchase generators, heaters, blankets, flashlights, candles, firewood, battery-powered lamps, thermal underwear, children’s hats, and gloves. Many Ukrainians are without power on a regular basis, which will be especially stressful in colder weather.

Thank you for partnering with us as we continue to walk with our friends while they endure this war. We pray it will end soon, but we are thankful to have your support until the end and as the country rebuilds. Thank you for caring for so many Ukrainians this year and orphans around the world each and every year.

You have helped more than 120,000 Ukrainians since February. Allies area leaders like Sergei regularly deliver aid to those in need.

This little girl is one of many children in Ukraine who can smile because you sent her gifts to bring her joy during war.

Churches Provide Huge Support of Orphans

Heather Heather Dunnaville | Staff Writer

We are so grateful to the many churches who have partnered with us through the years by collecting hygiene kits for Christmas in July, supplying Angel Tree gifts, stopping by to volunteer in the warehouse, or helping at our annual banquets.

What about your church?

Is your church looking for a service project? Is there interest in holding a collection drive for needed items for orphans? Would your Sunday school class like to have a guest speaker from Allies share about how donors like you are making a difference in the lives of orphans around the world? We can come to you, or you can come see us!

We also offer Lunch and Learns where lunch is on us, and your group will learn about Allies then pack boxes that will be shipped to orphanages. Or maybe your ladies’ group would enjoy a Teatime with Tatiana where she shares stories from Allies area leaders and volunteers overseas and how Allies fights against human trafficking through our mentoring program.

There are so many possibilities!

Even if you’re not in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, did you know there are still ways to be involved? Go to and click on Get Involved for some ideas or call us at (682) 400-8218 to find out ways your church can partner with Allies and show love to orphans!

These ladies and gentlemen from First Baptist Mansfield and Walnut Ridge Baptist Church worked together to bless orphans in October.

A group from Ash Lane United Methodist Church in Euless was just one of many church groups that volunteered in the Allies warehouse in 2022.

You Gave $580,000 For Color Their World 2022

Two Events Raised Record-Breaking Amount

chrisburgin Chris Burgin | Founder and CEO

Your generosity never ceases to amaze me. We had a goal in mind for what we hoped to raise at our two Color Their World events this year, and you blew that goal out of the water by giving $580,000!

There were more than 500 attendees who listened to stories of how you are changing the lives of orphans around the world. They participated in our live and silent auctions, and heard Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn talk about how to defeat the enemy — the evil of human trafficking. There were also special guests from Ukraine at each banquet, friends who you helped evacuate from their country when war began. It was a special time to introduce them and share their journeys from Ukraine.

It would be hard to thank everyone individually because there were so many involved to make both these events happen. Dozens of volunteers served food, set up, and cleaned up. Then there were the friends who shared why they support Allies, and those in the audience who listened and responded with a desire to join the cause to save orphans worldwide. And that’s what it’s all about — it’s a time to celebrate what you are doing in the lives of orphans and to come together to do even more in the future. Thank you for making Color Their World 2022 a huge success and continuing to help thousands more orphans with each passing year

Almost 400 people attended Color Their World Mansfield.

The young men and women from BridgesWork served at Color Their World North Richland Hills.