The Ripple Effect: How Your Generosity Transforms Lives in Our Community

A Day in the Village: More Than Just a Children's Program

Your support does more than just fund a children's program; it creates a ripple effect of hope and nourishment in the communities we serve. On our recent trip to the Mukuni village near Victoria Falls in Zambia, your generosity was felt in more ways than one. While our dedicated volunteers engaged the children in educational activities and songs, another team was busy preparing sandwiches.

As the aroma of fresh bread filled the air, it wasn't long before the children's faces lit up with anticipation. But it wasn't just the young ones who were drawn to us; adults from the community also approached, hopeful and inquisitive. Although our primary focus was the children and the lessons we had prepared about God’s love, the moment highlighted the broader needs within the community. This experience made me realize that there are so many people in need – not only poor children, but also needy adults who don't have anything in the community we teach in. I thank God for gently granting us eyes to see the needs of others in our communities.

Meet Kelvin: A Volunteer Shaped by Your Support

Your donations not only provide immediate help to the children, but also empower individuals like Kelvin to grow into community leaders. Throughout the day's activities and unexpected turns, Kelvin remained a beacon of calm and understanding. Tasked with sharing the day's lessons with the children, he stepped up to the challenge, overcoming his initial shyness to deliver an impactful message. Your support is helping Kelvin and others like him develop the skills and confidence to be future leaders.

Introducing Mercy: A Young Life Transformed

Among the many faces eager to learn was Mercy, a young girl who also takes care of her 2-year-old sister. With a baby on her hip and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Mercy embodies the resilience and potential that your generosity nurtures. Her attentiveness and participation in the program were truly inspiring, and her ever-present smile serves as a reminder of the joy your support brings to these young lives.

As we reflect on this day, filled with both planned activities and unexpected lessons, we're reminded of the profound impact your support has on not just the children, but the community as a whole. We couldn't do this without you. Your contributions go well beyond the expected; they foster hope, empower individuals, and remind us all of the blessings we have and can share with others.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Together, we're making a difference, one ripple at a time.