Allies Event in Mansfield Hosts Surprise NBA Star

Allies was blessed with a wonderful turnout Sunday evening September 17th at its annual Color Their World event in Mansfield to celebrate 12 years of rescuing orphans.

The event was well attended with the most guests on record for any Allies event.

Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn opened with an inspirational message about how each one of you are the advocates for these children and the leaders who will bring the fight against human trafficking.

Sally Pinon and Kama Erby led the informative part of our evening by explaining the mission of Allies and how supporters and advocates are making a big difference in the lives of orphans through various programs including the mentoring and tutoring programs and through summer camps.

Cofounder Dr. Tatiana Baeva shared some stories of orphans in Sierra Leone and Ukraine, and how Allies was able to bring hope in their lives, especially through the Allies Mentoring Program.

Edwin and Becky Phillips were presented the Allies Empowerment Award by Founder and CEO Chris Burgin, followed by a testimonial by supporter Mike Williams. Chris shared about the Allies Explosion – the miraculous news of growing from 22 countries at the end of 2022 to almost 40 countries by the middle of 2023. He shared stories of children served by Allies mentors around the world and how he sees these as love letters from the children.

Dr. Baeva then gave an exclusive update to attendees sharing that the Allies Mentoring Program is in 33 new areas and 19 new countries just this month. Some of those new countries include Cuba, Chile, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, and Namibia.

Allies was exceptionally honored by featured speaker Dr. Lucille O’Neal, who inspired us with words of wisdom and encouragement that everyone who supports these orphans is bringing hope. “You are the gap between them (orphans) and hope,” she said. Dr. O’Neal pointed out that Allies isn’t an organization, it’s a ministry and a God assignment. She encouraged the crowd to open their hearts, remain united, and that together we can make a way for these orphans.

Allies was honored to have others from the O’Neal family in attendance including NBA star Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal. During his mother’s speech, Mr. O’Neal came on stage and announced a very generous financial gift and 500 pairs of shoes for the orphans.

Allies would like to thank Walnut Ridge Baptist Church, event sponsors, NANOE President Louis Fawcett, auctioneer Keith Pressley, Travis Modrall, Sally Pinon, Kama and Eric Erby, all of the volunteers including teens from five area high schools, all of our supporters, and our new friends, the O’Neal family – for their extra love and support for these orphans! Each and every one of you made the night a success and we’re grateful for the overwhelming support.