A Bright Spot in Peru - Director Spotlight

Lizbeth Quispe

Allies Regional Director of Latin America


When our U.S. team arrived in Lima, Peru in October 2023, Lizbeth Quispe was there to welcome us. I remember her walking toward me and saying in her beautiful Peruvian accent, “Welcome to Peru, Sha-roan!” I was so touched that she already knew me by name.

We all immediately fell in love with LIzbeth. She is genuine, compassionate, kind, intuitive, and confident.

Lizbeth was raised in Cusco by her Quechua-speaking grandmother and is fluent in Quechua, Spanish and English. She also has a great love for, and a passion to reach and bless, the Q’ero nation peoples, who only speak Quechua.

Today, Lizbeth lives in Cusco with her husband and young daughter. She has an accounting degree but made a career change and came to Allies about two years ago. Her leadership, creativity, team building ability, and love for orphaned and vulnerable children has been an integral part of Allies’ growth in Peru and Latin America.

Recently, Lizbeth posted on Facebook the picture from above with these words:

“Two years ago, it seemed all dark, hard to see, sometimes that happens, you get lost in the enormity of adversity and you may be about to lose all hope, but the ray of light reaches you, in the midst of difficulties, the Good Shepherd leaves the 99 and it’s for youuuuhhhhhhhh. It may be hard for you to recognize it in the moment, but trust me it is, and now after two years I can only say Thank you!!!! Because I can see the wonderful work of our FATHER, I can see happy faces, faces with hope, thank you Allies In Youth Development for all your work and genuine love for each child! ❤️”

Written by Sharon Reid
Allies Prayer Leader