Teenage Volunteers Bring Hope to Children Affected by War

At a recent gathering, all of our dedicated volunteers were present, eager to lend a helping hand to the numerous children in need. Recognizing the importance of their assistance, we also enlisted the support of our teenage volunteers, who had previously been mere listeners. These teenagers now actively contribute to our cause, facilitating the distribution of gifts, organizing engaging games, and even offering their own creative ideas for various activities. Their enthusiasm is so great that some of them are expressing a desire to join us on our visits to orphanages. It warms our hearts to see how willingly these teenagers serve the younger generation, setting an admirable example for others to follow.

Today, I would like to share a heart-wrenching story of three ten-year-old siblings (triplets) - Anya, Artem, and Ivan. On the surface, they come from a seemingly happy and loving family, living with their caring parents. However, the harsh reality of war has cast a dark shadow over their lives. These innocent children were trapped in the epicenter of the conflict, unable to escape the chaos that ensued. For the entire duration of the occupation, they were confined to the safety of their basement, gripped by fear and besieged by constant bombardments and gunfire. Enduring unimaginable hardships, they also had to cope with severe food shortages. The psychological trauma inflicted upon them during this period is profound.

To this day, the triplets struggle to find solace in their sleep, plagued by nightmares that cause them to scream and jerk uncontrollably. The sound of sirens triggers intense fear, and some experience debilitating panic attacks. Recognizing the extent of their children's suffering, their parents are doing everything within their power to restore a sense of normalcy and heal their emotional wounds. However, the task they face is arduous, not only emotionally but also financially, as they receive no government assistance or benefits available to families with multiple children. Despite such adversity, they remain resilient and grateful for any form of support received, appreciating every act of kindness extended towards them.

It is with immense pleasure that we, as volunteers, had the privilege of bringing smiles to the faces of these young victims of war. Our efforts aim to offer a glimmer of hope and remind them that, amidst the darkness, compassion and care still exist.