Inspiring Letter from Regional Director of Africa

It’s 2,000 new children! Our leaders actively participate in the lives of children in different areas of their lives, give them the most important and valuable things – knowledge of life, eternity, and our Creator, about the Heavenly Father who loves them!

They work diligently each visit to build a relationship with each child – in order to effectively help them grow in all areas of their lives. Over the past year, every leader has imparted very important knowledge to children. The program was approached with creativity and the children looked forward to each new meeting!

I want to highlight the effort and dedication of each leader and volunteer. Volunteers taught self-esteem, social skills, proper nutrition, drawing, and then also shared valuable insights about mercy, compassion, and friendship.

I want to express my deep gratitude to all of you for your love for our orphans, whose love of God is very strong. I am truly blessed to be a part of this ministry and help these children learn more about our Jesus. This ministry is so important to help children feel loved and needed, not forgotten by society, but valuable children of a loving God! Their joy, achievements, and knowledge are diamonds in your crown. And it's priceless! Every month 2,000 children receive knowledge and feel loved and needed! Each leader is very happy to be part of this big family and, together, change and influence the life of each child.

Thank you, Allies!



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