Birthday Party At a School Orphanage

On January 22, Allies volunteers threw a birthday party for one of the kids at the school orphanage. In order to spread the birthday joy around, the volunteers at the orphanage decided to throw a “one birthday for all” celebration by taking all nine orphans to the city of Belorechensk.

 After a day of exploring and seeing many interesting and famous places in the city, the volunteers had a birthday banquet in a local cafe. Alexander, the owner of the café, is also a volunteer at the orphanage.

 A local church called “The Hope” prepared treats for the volunteers and children alike, which was an unexpected surprise! At the banquet, there were jokes, lots of laughter, contests and, of course, a memorable speech.

 Katya, a local 20 year-old volunteer, also works in Alexander’s cafe. 

 “I’ve participated in this program three times, but I have a feeling I’ll be doing this for a lot longer,” she said. “I work at the cafe and Alexander had invited me before to participate in these charitable events.

 “After you see all the happy faces of the children and see their smiles and hear their words of thankfulness … it becomes impossible to stop doing this.”

 Sasha, a 15 year-old at the orphanage, said the celebration was one she’ll never forget.

 “It was the most amazing birthday of my life!” she said.



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