Former Orphans Give Back

Recently, former orphans Sasha and Oraz joined Allies on a trip to an orphanage in the area. 

 The previous visit had been dedicated to exchanging each other’s life stories and, specifically, how everyone had gone about making particular life choices. A particular message was that the children in the orphanage shouldn’t be afraid to make changes in their own lives. 

 Another message encouraged the children to become aware of their passions in life and to have the courage to say no to something they don’t really want to pursue fully. One by one, each volunteer stood up to relay their story in front of those at the orphanage, and 

 Sasha shared her story as well. Sasha shared that he had originally gone to veterinary school, but ultimately decided against it and chose to pursue social work. Katya, another volunteer, share that she had tried to enter a university and, after graduating, decided to also become a social worker. 

 After the stories had been shared, everyone participated in table games and shared conversation during a tea party while the orphans received gifts from Texas. 

 Natasha, a volunteer with the orphanage, shared that she was raised in a village where everyone was participating in agriculture, but she decided to trade wheat grain instead of being a farmer. After getting married and having a child, she divorced and became an independent business woman with the goal of helping the underprivileged and orphans. 

 Child Story: Zhenya Minaev, a 10 grader is already preparing to apply to Omsk State Technical University and has been attending online classes of Math, Physics and History. However, he hasn’t made up his mind yet if he wants to major in humanities or engineering. We hope the sessions like these will help Zhenya to make the right choice. 




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