Tower of Babel

At the “Tower of Babel” event, the volunteers and local orphans spent a lot of time playing games outside in the beautiful weather before joining volunteer Sasha inside for more games and contests. 

 After the children sang songs with us (their voices were so pleasant to hear), Zhenya, a volunteer, told the story of the Tower of Babel while everyone listened. 

 After praying, we showed a video to the children about our trip to another orphanage. They enjoyed it and received treats and gifts at the end of the presentation. They didn’t want us to leave, which was great to see! They kept asking us to stay and play with them, and we weren’t able to leave until the teachers called for them to do their homework. 

 Roman, a local 25 year-old volunteer, said, “I grew up in a full family … so I couldn’t be indifferent to what these children, who don’t have a family, are going through. I know how much they have been deprived. 

 “I want to help them very much and for them to feel loved and support and to see what friendship is. That’s why I participate as a volunteer!” 

 Vanya, a nine year-old orphan, said, “I like that you come to visit us! I like that you play with us and bring gifts, but what I like most is playing football with you! Thank you for coming to see us!”



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