Local Teacher Puts The Stars in Their Eyes

Three volunteers recently made vacation something special for 18 children who did not get to take one. 

 During special holidays and vacation, many children are taken to other families, but on this instance 18 children stayed in the school. The volunteers thought it was very sad that 18 out of 110 children didn't get to take a vacation, so they decided to encourage these children and make a holiday for them! 

 The Allies loaded up the children and visited a man named Viktor, who has built his own private planetarium on his land! 

 “I really want to share my hobby with these children,” he said. 

 Viktor built the planetarium exclusively with his own money. Many groups, from kindergartens to teachers and students from local universities come to see him and learn from what he has to say about our galaxy, planets, etc. 

 He brings a unique and fascinating approach to his story-telling. Viktor mentioned that even experienced teachers and professors come to hear and learn from him. 

 After the children got to hear from Viktor, there was a sweets table and a tea party where they could ask him their own questions! We talked about having dreams and goals and what is needed to make a personal dream come true! Viktor is a living example of how a simple working man managed to realize the dream of his life! 

 Victor, another volunteer with the ministry, said he has known Viktor for 30 years. 

 “Every time I meet with Viktor, I admire his wisdom from God,” Victor said. “He has a biblical answer to every question I ask him. He can bring himself to listen to even the most mischievous children. I’m glad they were able to talk with such an amazing person!” 

 Dima, a 15 year-old orphan, shared these thoughts: “I never thought about how complex the universe is. It was very interesting to listen to Viktor, but I was mostly amazed at his enthusiasm! 

 “Some people have different values and will invest their money in having a good house, a good car and money for everything else you want to do … but Viktor invested all his money into his planetarium and then shares it with children for free!”



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