Join Allies for Annual Banquet in September

Many orphans in Eastern Europe continue to feel the sorrow and loneliness that comes from being left behind, and oftentimes develop a bleak view of the future. To give hope to orphans and add a splash of color to their outlook on life, Allies is inviting everyone Sunday, September 24 to Color Their World – Now More than Ever.

The banquet, which is also the organization’s largest yearly fundraiser, will be held at the Walnut Ridge Baptist Church in Mansfield. The event will kick off at 5:30 pm with an hour-long silent auction, to be followed by dinner, a live auction and a short program.

All proceeds are used to finance Allies’ various socio-civic initiatives across Eastern Europe, particularly in Moldova and South Ossetia. Allies continuously aims to empower volunteer in-country mentors, encouraging them to provide emotional support and spiritual guidance to orphans through regular fellowship activities.

Through the unceasing generosity of friends and partners like you, Allies is confident that more milestones will be achieved, and that more orphans will be reached in the coming years. Be part of this year’s Color Their World banquet. For inquiries, RSVPs and table hosting, please email or call 817-405-6540.