“Ocean of Good Mood” Swells at Bryansk Orphanage

Children’s Day is widely celebrated in Eastern Europe. Allies volunteers wanted to make the holiday especially fun for the children in Bryansk orphanage – the most recently added by Allies – and preparations were conducted with extra care and creativity!

The day featured children’s musical performances and poetry readings at the center’s main hall, followed by an outdoor bubble show complete with colorful balloons! Tasty pastries kept the energy up, but the children were most excited when the wolf and turtle mascots arrived (a few of the volunteers dressed up in special costumes). All together they sang and danced along to the music.

“It was an ocean of good mood, positivity and joy!” said Juliya, one of the six volunteers who helped organize the event. “We played and danced… it was lots of fun!”

A few graduates from the orphanage returned to attend the activities. “Some graduates who now live in a nursing home joined us for Children’s Day. We were happy to bring them along as they wanted to spend some time with their former teachers, educators and mentors,” volunteer Daniel said. “We also had a student from Africa with us. He has never participated in such events before, so we’re grateful to be given the opportunity to bring him along and spend time with these children.”

Zhenya, a graduated orphan, expressed her thanks as well for being able to visit the orphanage and reconnect with her teachers, who she misses dearly.

Special holiday celebrations like this are possible for many orphans in Eastern Europe only because of the selfless time given by our dedicated volunteers, and because of partnership through people like you. Your involvement not only saves lives, but enriches them too!