Volunteers’ Lesson on Fall Harvest Proves Fruitful 

Each season that passes through carries golden opportunities for learning and fellowship. As summer turned to fall, Allies volunteers swung by the orphanage in Maykop to check up on the children and find out what they were up to during their break.

As always, the children were elated to speak about their activities, and an array of colorful stories were shared. Some headed to the seashore, some went up to the mountains, and some simply used their free time to rest. The discussion turned to the arrival of autumn, and they were equally enthusiastic about the subject. When asked what happens during this season, they answered without missing a beat: “Fall is a time of harvest!”

The volunteers were impressed that they gave the exact response they were looking for. This made it just easier for them to lead the children through themed activities, such as testing their knowledge of fruits and vegetables, and then having them guess which is which while their eyes were closed.

“I was surprised with how well they were doing that,” one of the volunteers reported. “When the game ended, we told them about how it’s not only trees that bear fruits, but people as well.”

The children understood the lesson well, with a girl named Lida insightfully responding, “It all depends on me what fruit I bear. Bad one or good one – it’s my choice.”

Coloring books collected from Allies’ friends and partners were distributed as well, and the children were thankful to receive every item. Your generosity makes it possible for your youth volunteers in Eastern Europe to bring smiles to these children’s faces, whatever the season may be.