Allies Hope Helps Make A Home for Children

Mothers are blessed with an uncanny ability to make any place a home. But poverty and lack of education often hinder this, and often, lead to families being broken apart.

Such is the case of Dunaev, Sasha and Natasha, three siblings living in a social center in Bryansk. Victimized by fraud, their mother had unknowingly purchased a dilapidated house in dire need of repair. They tried to fix what they could, but there was too much work left to be done to make sure the house was safe and livable. The electrical wiring was cause for concern; the house needs bathroom fixtures, desks for the children, and a stockpile of wood for winter. A proper paint job and general cleaning are also warranted. To date, their mother, who is unwell and unemployed, has been unable to carry on with the repairs.

The siblings are eager to return home and be with their mother – and Allies volunteers are equally eager to help. During a recent visit, the team asked the social center director if they could meet with the mother to talk about her needs and personally assess the situation.

Despite the long checklist, Allies volunteers are hopeful that they will be able to help. They are likewise encouraging the mother to participate in the home improvement activities, so that she can reunite with her children as soon as possible.

Many other orphans are longing to go back to their own families, and the social center has given them the refuge and care they need as they wait. Allies volunteers have partnered with the administration to implement helpful programs, such as teaching the children about home remedies for the common cold (e.g. placing glasses on the body), and basic first aid.

"After being there, you can understand how much your own children do not appreciate what they have,” Evgeniy expressed. “The children in the shelter absolutely do not know how to serve themselves. It is wonderful that we can spend time with them, to communicate and participate in their lives".

Tatiana said she realized just how big a responsibility volunteers have. "We can simply to listen their stories and continue to live our lives – or we can listen and then find ways to help them. I pray to God will give me wisdom to make right decisions.”

Like our volunteers in Bryansk and in other Eastern European regions, we too continuously ask God for guidance, strength and the means to carry out our mission. We consider the help you provide as an answered prayer. You are helping us save more lives each day, and bring every child closer to a better future.