Successful Barber Inspired to Do Volunteer Work

Alex runs a popular barber shop in Omsk. He is also an avid chess player. Most recently, he became a volunteer with Allies, inspired by what he had witnessed at a church community in Dallas during a previous visit.

“It was inspiring to see how people socialized through church and volunteer work,” he shared with our volunteer team in Isilkul. “I was eager to do the same and encouraged my colleagues to come with me.”

And that he did, even giving some of the children in the orphanage trendy haircuts as an additional treat. He also addressed the group with a motivational speech, emphasizing the importance of choosing a suitable profession and pursuing it wholeheartedly to avoid potentially dangerous paths.

Apart from Alex and his co-workers, the team also included members of a club where Allies volunteers would play trivia games twice a month. Altogether, they enjoyed a few rounds of volleyball and football in the stadium, after which they shared lunch outside. The better part of the afternoon was spent playing different table games: Code Name (which challenges verbal and logical thinking skills), chess (led by Alex), Jenga and Imaginarium. These activities encouraged the children to come out of their shell and reveal their true potential.

13-year-old Sasha, who has been in the orphanage for less than a year, showed great enthusiasm for the most challenging games. He also expressed interest in participating in Allies’ tutoring program.

We may not always be aware of the impact our actions, but when we do things for others in God’s name, we can be certain that lives will be transformed and saved. We hope that like Alex, you will be inspired to get involved in your own way and support our mission to help the least of these.