Excursion to Fire Station Fuels Interest in Orphans

Paying your fire station a visit is always an exciting activity for children, who look up to firefighters with admiration and awe. Our volunteers at the city of Alexandria gave young orphans and adopted children in Perlynka an opportunity to meet their heroes, organizing a special excursion to the local fire department.

It was clear from the start that it was going to be a happy day for everyone. Children and teenagers were excited about the excursion – and they were not disappointed. The firefighters led them through the station, showing them different kinds of fire trucks, machines and tools. They also demonstrated how they filled the trucks with water, and the gear they need to put on to do their job efficiently.

The firefighters generously shared stories with the group, and advised them on what steps and education were needed if they were interested in pursuing the same career. The discussion piqued everyone’s interest, including young David’s, who is known for his cheerfulness and love of football. David has many other hobbies, such as paper crafts and bike-riding, and he, like his friends at the orphanage, exhibits great potential to do amazing things.

We want to be able to give every orphaned child and teen in Eastern Europe a chance to meet inspiring people – starting with our dedicated teams of youth volunteers. Your support and prayers strengthen our fiery commitment to our goals. If you are not a part of this amazing mission that helps young lives, we encourage you to learn more below, and let these children set your heart on fire!