In Times of Need, God Provides

Our work in Eastern Europe has given us many unique opportunities to bear witness to God’s faithfulness and mercy. No matter how small or big the need, the Lord has never failed to fill our lack so that we may continue to uplift orphans and give them a better future.

In Chisinau, administrators of a children’s center had long been working to secure a new wheelchair for Dima, a child in their charge suffering from cerebral palsy. He had grown too big for the wheelchair he was given, and the administrators were worried the imbalance would flip him over. Allies volunteers offered their assistance, trusting that God would come to their aid – and He did.

“The administrators’ attempts had been unsuccessful so far, so we decided to post about the wheelchair on social media,” Nadezhdar, an Allies youth volunteer leader, reported. “Within five minutes, someone called us and said they would be able to donate a brand-new wheelchair. It’s truly amazing how God takes care of us!”

Indeed, when we ask, we receive. As we put our trust in God, the children we serve put their trust in us. When our volunteers visit, the children do not hesitate to meet them with open arms and hearts. While they enjoy participating in games and contests, they are more grateful for the chance to spend time with volunteers and hear inspiring stories from the Bible.

“My participation in this mission is a blessing and a wonderful opportunity to share my love with children, who really need it,” Katerina, another volunteer in Chisinau, expressed. “It’s very interesting to observe the children and how their attitude towards us has changed. At the beginning, they look at you without too much trust, but little by little, they open up more. We really want our friendship to be a real blessing for these kids.”

Many children and teens still need friendship, love and an experience of God’s generosity and grace. Our mission is to provide the support necessary to empower more youth volunteers in Eastern Europe, so that they in turn can inspire and empower more orphans in God’s name.